Do you want to start or grow your e-commerce business? Do you want to reach new customers or increase your existing customer base? If so, we can help. With more than 16 years of experience in e-commerce development we can help you find the right strategy, the right platform and get to work quickly.

E-Commerce Platforms

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E-commerce Benefits You’ll Love

With our e-commerce solutions, your customers will enjoy a safe, convenient and time saving online shopping experience. They’ll also appreciate a site that makes it easy to browse, search and purchase. In return, you’ll benefit from increased sales, repeat customers and a larger average order value.

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It’s Easy to Manage your Online Store

Fully-featured and easy-to-use site administration tools are key aspects of successful e-commerce systems. From managing product variants, to inventory and orders, our e-commerce solutions offer everything you need to successfully manage your online store and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Category and Product Management

Our flexible and intuitive e-commerce solutions offer easy management of your products including:

  • Unlimited categories and products so you can offer a wide selection to your customers
  • Comprehensive product details, options, attributes, specifications with multiple, and zoom-able, images to encourage sales
  • Related products, product bundles, cross-sell and up-sell features to increase average order value
  • Product comparisons and reviews to help customer decision making
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Inventory and Order Management

Our inventory and order management features offer:

  • Comprehensive inventory management so you’ll always have stock ready to sell
  • Automatic invoice and packing slip generation to save time
  • Order editing capability that lets you create, or easily add to, customer orders
  • Order searching, filtering and sorting so you can answer customer questions quickly
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Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Manage your promotions and loyalty programs to increase your average order value with exclusive online discounts, volume discounts or targeted promotions to specific customer groups, free shipping, or “Buy One, Get One” specials Coupons and gift cards and related products, or “Customers also bought…” suggestions

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Make it easy for your customers to buy from you and pay the way they want. In addition to credit card payments, our solutions support payments with cash, cheques, money transfers and purchase orders. We support all leading payment gateways including Paypal, Moneris, Beanstream, TD Merchant Services, Chase Paymentech, Stripe among many others.

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Connect to all major shipping carriers like Canada Post, United States Postal Service, Fedex, and UPS to offer customers real-time shipping quotes or use simple table rate shipping logic. Allow customers to select from multiple shipping options to meet their specific needs. You can also automatically add a handling fee to cover your packaging and handling costs.

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Sell locally, nationally or internationally and collect the necessary taxes with flexible tax rules.

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Marketing and Reporting

We make it easy for customers to find you with advanced search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing or e-mail campaigns. You can monitor your campaign profitability and wisely spend your marketing dollars on approaches that offer the highest payback.