Woocommerce Development

Woocommerce Development is Our Specialty

An online store must be carefully designed to attract visitors, convert visitors to customers and work flawlessly 24/7.

With more than 10 years of WooCommerce development experience, you can rest assured knowing that our WooCommerce development team will design an intuitive, compelling website that offers an outstanding user experience and keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

When we release your new WooCommerce site we ensure it will functions at peak performance on any device.

Is WooCommerce Costly?
Your Woocommerce website can be developed at a fraction of the cost of other high-end ecommerce platforms without compromising your user experience, performance, features or revenue generating capability.

As a professional WooCommerce development agency, we provide trusted WooCommerce development for online stores of all sizes – from small and simple to large and complex.  And, when it comes to WooCommerce maintenance, our WooCommerce developers are ready to provide quick and efficient support from our Toronto offices.

WooCommerce Design

Our WooCommerce designers carefully craft each WooCommerce website to meet your exact requirements. We ensure your site is user friendly for maximum conversions.  In addition, your site will be mobile friendly for optimum presentation on all devices from desktops and notebooks, to tablets and smartphones.

WooCommerce Plug-ins

Need to extend the capability of your site?  No problem. Our experienced WooCommerce designers and developers will source the optimal plugins to meet your needs.  If we can’t find one, our developers can custom code plugins with the functionality specific to your needs to ensure your site supports your business processes and workflow.

WooCommerce Integration

Our integration services, including payment gateway integration, shipping integration, loyalty plan integration and API integration, will extend the functionality of your WooCommerce site to streamline your operations.

WooCommerce Migration

Is your current e-commerce site built on an old, or no longer supported, platform? Is your current site not generating sufficient sales? It might be time to switch to WooCommerce. Our WooCommerce developers ensure a seamless migration from your current site to a new WooCommerce platform with no downtime.

WooCommerce Security

Our WooCommerce development team will install added security and backups so you’ll never have to worry about hackers creating havoc with your WooCommerce site. Backups are an extra precaution that allow us to quickly restore your site in the event an administrator makes an inadvertent error.

WooCommerce Support and Maintenance

Our WordPress Maintenance Plan keeps WordPress and all plug-ins on your website up-to-date so you never have to worry about your site failing because of out-of-date modules. This also helps ensure that your site is always available for your customers.

Why choose WooCommerce

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Because of it’s modularity, WooCommerce can grow with your business. You can sell any type of product with WooCommerce including downloadable items.

WooCommerce has thousands of available plug-ins to extend the capabilities of your website. While WooCommerce provides many of the features and functionality of much higher-priced ecommerce platforms, it is extremely cost-effective to set up and deploy.

Managing your online store is easy. We provide comprehensive training so you will be completely comfortable managing your products and your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce is fast loading to keep your visitors engaged. We optimize your WooCommerce site for optimal performance so your customers won’t be left waiting for pages to load.

Why Choose Pinnacle

Our WooCommerce designers and developers take care of all the details when setting up your site. You won’t need to worry about configurations, settings, product loading, tax rules or shipping configurations.

We take care in sourcing and recommending the best plug-ins to meet your specific needs. We also take care of any integrations you may need with your internal corporate systems.

We carefully craft your WooCommerce site with a clean design for optimal user engagement and optimize your site for fast loading so your customers won’t be left waiting for pages to load.

We implement a solid SEO foundation for your site and take care of all 301 redirects that may be required from your existing site. When we release your site it will be ready to attract visitors, encourage them to buy and start generating sales for you.

Our WooCommerce developers keep abreast of the latest WooCommerce releases and plug-in updates to provide you with the best possible website. After your site goes live, we provide ongoing support to keep your WooCommerce platform up-to-date with the latest releases for security, performance and functionality.


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